19 Healthy Food Instagrammers to Follow

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As someone who spends a lot of time looking for recipes as part of my job, I know how hard it can be to find ones that actually inspire you to cook. After a while, everything kind of starts to look the same—all those avocados and fried eggs sort of just blend together. The worst part? When I do find something that grabs my attention, it’s usually too complicated for me to want to cook right away. Call it a bad case of Internet food ennui.

When I’m really feeling bogged down by the sameness of so many online recipes, these 19 healthy food Instagram accounts are just the palate cleansers I need. They put simple, healthy, interesting recipes I would actually make right on the ‘gram, so I don’t even have to pull out my computer to look them up and cook them. Even if you’re not trying to find simple recipes, these accounts are still worth adding to your feed just for their gorgeous food photography. Get ready for swoon-worthy smoothie bowls, vibrant salads, healthy baked goods, and so much more.

1. @feelgoodfoodie

Yumna Jawad started her Instagram account as a hobby, but her food photos gained her a serious fanbase and she’s now got 2 million followers and counting. These days, she posts her recipes to her Feel Good Foodie blog, and they’re everything from wholesome, kid-friendly favorites to dinner party-worthy sides.

2. @luisegreenkitchenstories

Luise Vindahl, the woman behind this Danish healthy eating account, runs the blog Green Kitchen Stories where she makes extremely creative, healthy recipes will little-known, niche ingredients. Her feed is a showcase of some of the more photogenic recipes she’s developed, including a smoothie bowl made with cultured buttermilk, tahini, and black quinoa, and salads like the one above made with red cabbage, dried sumac, dried figs, and more.

3. @selfstarterlife

Hashtag humblebrag: If you’re not already following SELFstarter—SELF’s subscription-based healthy meal planning service—on Instagram, you’re missing out. On the daily, it posts fun, doable, healthy recipes you’ll actually want to eat from the site and from healthy bloggers all around the ‘gram.

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